May 162016

As the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, Michael Bernoff has studied how people communicate internally and externally and has developed programs using this information to help people obtain the results that they’ve always desired. By incorporating his Human Interaction Technology into each program, he is able to equip people with the tools and techniques to see and experience long-term success and happiness.

Growing up in New Jersey, Michael started off as a a top performer in direct sales and then moved on to being a powerful and effective sales trainer and recruiter. He has always had the thirst, the hunger for more, but found that he lacked the proper skills and discipline to push himself forward. Michael realized that one of the greatest challenges that n entrepreneur could face was having been raised in a middle class family. Where everything was readily accessible —food, clothes, activities— motivation was lacking. Being comfortable, he discovered, was a dream killer. So he worked on himself, started practicing simple principles, and discipling himself to stay consistent and believe in the change and the results were amazing.

Now, as a powerful, engaging and life-changing Life Development Coach he has moved beyond himself to teach and train people to take the limits off of their lives and to live in the abundance that they’ve always dreamed of. He not only works one-on-one with executives and CEOs, but he also inspires, directs, and enables tens of thousands of regular, every-day people to do the same as well. It’s not just about immediate satisfaction and temporary success, it’s about achieving long-term goals and conquering the every day tasks that are required to get there.

Michael Bernoff has discovered what it takes to help people overcome the limits that they have put on themselves and on life and to push past that and into a life that’s limitless and so much more than what they could think or imagine. With a 100% success rate, his clients are seeing higher sales performance, longevity in their marriages and in their relationships, healthier lifestyles, and an overall better quality of life. Their lives have moved beyond the initial, temporary, need for motivation and has now become a life that’s consistently filled with determination, progress and success.

** I am not exactly sure where the bio is going to give it another title, but I like the one included (I spent some time listening to the videos so I could have something more than just his name); if you would like something else just let me know.

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